26 de fevereiro de 2011

2009 BMW M5 E60 Paint Job Pack

x2p here! When better to release a PJ pack for the M5 than when I am visiting Germany, its homeland. This time its only three but I hope you enjoy them.


(order of names below are same as pictures)

* "NFS MW BMW M3 M5" Remade/Coloured for custom BMW M5
* BMW M5 Tuning by Lumma
* "BMW Colours", this is a street take on BMW POWER cars, sleek and pretty


12 de fevereiro de 2011

BMW M5 E60 2009

BMW M5 2009 converted from FM3 to GTA SA by me (Matheus-340)

10 de fevereiro de 2011

FM3 Wheels Pack Final

29 Wheels

Standard Wheels

wheel_lr1 - Hamann Edition Race
wheel_lr2 - DUB Presidential
wheel_lr3 - Lexani LTC-701
wheel_lr4 - Dropstars DSO3
wheel_lr5 - DUB Big Chips
wheel_gn1 - Volk Racing TE37
wheel_gn2 - Volk Racing RE30
wheel_gn3 - BBS RS-GT
wheel_gn4 - RAYS VOLK GTC FACE2
wheel_gn5 - American Racing Torq-Thrust M
wheel_sr1 - Gram Lights T57-RC
wheel_sr2 - EnKei NT03+M
wheel_sr3 - Work CR Kai
wheel_sr4 - Advan Super Advan Racing Ver.2
wheel_sr5 - Advan RGII
wheel_sr6 - WedsSport TC105N
wheel_or1 - American Racing Outlaw II

Alternative Wheels

wheel_lr2 - Zender Dynamic
wheel_gn1 - Volk Racing TE37 BLACK
wheel_gn2 - Rota P45R
wheel_gn3 - TSW Trackstar 4
wheel_gn4 - Fikse Profil 5
wheel_gn5 - Boyd Coddington Slayer
wheel_sr1 - RO_JA Motorsports R2-5
wheel_sr2 - BBS RE
wheel_sr3 - BBS RK
wheel_sr4 - RO_JA Motorsports R2-7
wheel_sr5 - Tenzo R DC-6 V1
wheel_sr6 - WedsSport SA-97 F

If you want you can edit/convert/use on other mods.
no problem about that :)