4 de setembro de 2011

Toyota Supra RZ 1998

Stock Model **Is not a tunable car

Converted from...
Car Model - Forza Motorsport 3
Engine - Juiced 2 HIN
Gauges - NFS Shift

This car has:

HQ Textures, High Poly Count, Detailed Shadow, Full Damage, RHD and more...

2 Extras Variations

* No Extras = Targa/Convertible/AeroTop (I do not know what to call it)
* Extra 1 = As a normal Supra

* Extra 2 = Add NFS Shift gauges (On/Off with Headlights), Sport Seat Belts, Carbon Dash, Roll Cage and Windscren Decal (Edit in Remap Texture)

The normal dash lights also on/off with headlights

3 Paintjobs: TRD, Top Secret and Eclipse
Have Fun!

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