29 de dezembro de 2011

Mazda RX-7 FD3S 2002

--- RELEASE ---

Mazda RX-7 FD3S from FM3, NFSS2 and J2HIN to GTA:SA

- SA Plates
- Full Damage with Air bags
- High poly count
- HQ textures
- Detailed Shadow
- Interior retexturized with NFS-Shift textures
- Dash Lights On/Off with Headlights
- 3D Engine from J2HIN
- Wheel Shadow on BrakeDisc
- 2 Paintjobs
- 4 Models to choose:
1 - More like Spirit R (MAIN)
2 - ' RZ with dark gray wheels and red seats
3 - ' RS with Fog Lights and J2HIN's Wheel
4 - ' RS, but no spoiler (To mod in Transfender Shop)
with 7 variations:
1 - No emblems, no extras
2 - Only 'Spirit R' emblem
3 - Only 'RZ' emblem
4 - Spirit R + Takata seat Belt and +5 analog gauges
5 - RZ + Side skirts, Sparco seat belt and roll-cage
6 - Spirit R + Carbon skirts, Sparco seat belt, roll-cage and Apexi FC Commander
7 - RZ + Carbon skirts, Recaro seat bels, roll-cage, Apexi FC, Display Scren and +5 analog gauges

EXTRA: New Transfender Tune Parts *Beta:
3 Spoilers

Best compatibility with RX7 and new cars that I will release:
1 LED bumper lights
2 Exhausts

6 comentários:

  1. incredible as usual my friend!! thx for sharing!

  2. Car is awesome :) But have one problem. This car is with right hand drive car, so when i get in the CJ open the door, then he moves to the left side and his skin get out of the limits of the car and then again back for the steering wheel. Tried with program Editeur Handling, changing the "Position conducteur (Position Driver / (aa) fSeatOffsetDistance value)" between 1.20 - 1.25 but that not help.

  3. Matheus the 3rd model from J2HIN is with Left Side Wheel, right? And man, have you stopped converting cars to SA?

    Please convince me of the contrary! :')