15 de julho de 2012

McLaren MP4-12C 2012

--- RELEASE ---
2012 McLaren MP4-12C converted from FM4, TDU2 and  Shift 2 to GTA SA

--- Version for ImVehLM ---

- Highly detailed 
- HQ Textures
- Full damage
- Realistic car shadow
- Retexturized interior
You need to install this cleo mods to work:
- Brake Pads
- Real 12c lights
- Turning lights R/L
- Separated brake lights
- Reverse lights
- Interior lights
- Active dash, steering and wipers
I have not seen a cleo mod for digital gauges. so, the speedometer and gears info will not change [N], but the reverse gear [R] work
Some mclaren's colors for you add/replace on your carcols.dat as the mclaren orange, volcano red and azure blue.
PaintJobs included on download are just extra colors with carbon fiber/black turning vanes or mirrors.
It also change the colors of wheels, exhausts and wing parts
Don't have normal SA Plates, but a custom SA plate for lightning with ImVehLM
have fun!

--- New version for ImVehLM ---

- With SA Plates (Plate light don't work with ImVehLM) -

- Custom plate (light plates work) -

--- Previous Version, lights not compatible with ImVehLM ---

SA Plates, effects on headlights, steering mod and brake pads

Author: Marty Mcfly

17 comentários:

  1. Love this car, the conversion looks amazing.

    One question Matheus, how do I install ImVehLM 1.0 by DK22's?

  2. - newOpcodes.cleo - in folder Cleo;
    - ImVehLM.cs - in folder Cleo;
    - msvcr100d.dll - in folder with gta_sa.exe

    - folder Additional:
    all files *.cs - in folder CLeo;
    from folder SFX - all in folder audio\sfx
    files *.png - open particles.txd and replace same named files.

    Keys in keybord:
    G - on/off lights.
    Z - left blinkers;
    X - all blinkers
    C - right blinkers;
    Shift - off all blinkers/

    1. @ Dmitry Sidorov.

      Thanks for your instructions, I followed them and the car is now working :)

    2. and folder dev and src and vehicles what this install sory my bad english

  3. WTF? http://www.part.lt/img/62dcc3ed17e2657a66845711cca3f722369.png

  4. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

    1. it is happened if you put testlights.cs in your cleo folder. Without that file also is very good and I do not see any differences.

  5. how to activate the wipers

  6. hey Matheus.. ive found a bug on your car, its like other car too when you want to change your wheels.. its gone.. here some screenshot..

  7. how I can remove those letters that say HL: 0, HR 0, RR 0, RL: 0?

  8. Andrey Bonilla are you blind or what? Look at the middle of the commentaries and maybe you will see the answer on your question.

  9. it would be great if when imvehlm installed cars who doesnt supports imvehlm.lights could work and now when i installed viper gts 12 by carbp who doesnt supports imvehlm in day time lights dont work but in night works.