1 de agosto de 2012

Ferrari 599 GTO 2012

--- RELEASE ---

Car Model converted from Forza Motorsport 4 to GTA-SA
With TDU2's parts and some textures from Shift 2

*Car mod for use with Improved Vehicle Lights Mod (ImVehLM 1.0) by DK22's


- Highly detailed / High polycount
- HQ Textures
- Full damage
- Realistic car shadow
- Retexturized interior (2 Interior Sets)
- SA Plates
To work you must install:

- Brake Pads
- Lights (Turning, Brake, Reverse, Dashboard)
- Active gauges
- Movable steering and wipers

Secondary Color paint the Pads
Have fun!!

Only with "Stanrdad Livery" (better for some ENB configs)

For Paintjobs

1.0 Version (Not Compatible with Lights Cleo Mod)

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