28 de agosto de 2011

FM3 Whees Pack Paintable

7 Wheels from FM3 Wheels Pack Final edited for change the colors (Secundary Colors) on Tuning Shop, only 7 for now

wheel_lr1 - Hamann Edition Race
wheel_gn1 - Volk Racing TE37
wheel_sr1 - Gram Lights T57-RC
wheel_sr2 - EnKei NT03+M
wheel_sr4 - Advan Super Advan Racing Ver.2
wheel_sr5 - Advan RGII
wheel_sr6 - WedsSport TC105N

You can edit/convert/use on other mods.
no problem about that!



7 comentários:

  1. men... me aparecen solo 2 llantas en el taller ( ''Import'' and ''Grove'')
    hice exactamente lo del tutorial =/

  2. Can you make a tutorial to paint the wheels ? No paint work with me (Sorry, i am french)

  3. The mod works but it's difficult to find cars with secound color, u have to go to auto loco.. or find some other mods to pimp your car with the second color.. but however of course it works very good! :D

  4. This got removed from Mediafire for copyright thingie. Can you upload it again? It's so epic and it's the only thing I need now to make my SA epic. I beg of you.