7 de setembro de 2011

Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport 2010

Converted from FM3 and NFS-S 2 to GTA:SA by me
The characteristics of this car mod follows the same line of my others cars newly converted, as High poly count, full damage with air bags, HQ textures, detailed shadow, extras, etc.
But with some new, for example, the dashlights turn on and off with the headlights (tests)
as the Supra, also have 3 variations or 2 extras

no extra = Targa Model
extra1 = Normal
extra2 = Add side skirts, roll cage and decal windscreen (edit in remap)

and 4 Paint jobs, all based on real models of tuned/custom grand sport + 2 extras (just paintjob1 color variations)
Note: After several editions, reviews, remaking things, there was a small bug on 'boot damaged' (boot_dam). The uv map/texture was distorted, but I wont fix it for now, this is irrelevant to me right now

Have Fun! :D

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